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Vacuum Tube & Heat Pipe

    1. All Glass Evacuated Tube As the key component for solar collectors, our all glass evacuated tube is similar to a conventional Dewar flask. This product is composed of two borosilicate glass tubes with high chemical and thermal shock resistance. The outer side of the inner tube is coated with a sputtered solar selective layer. Closed at one end, the inner tube for the solar heat pipe is sealed to the outer tube.
    1. Heat Pipe The heat pipe is a tube with internal vacuum and certain working medium, which is a heat superconductor. Its heat transfer rate is 1000 times that of silver. Compared with the general all glass vacuum tube, the heat pipe has more advantages like high heating speed, no scale formation, glass breakage prevention, water filled time unlimited, single broken tube having.
    1. Inner Focusing Film Tube The absorption layer of inner tube outer surface will absorb solar energy and transfer it into heat. The heat will be transferred to the medium inside the tube. The medium then transfers the heat outside the tube to meet the water heating requirements. The reflecting arc of the inner wall of outside tube will reflect the light into inner tube and improve the heat.
    1. Glass Heat Pipe When the sun shines, the selective absorptive coating on the surface of inner tube transfers solar energy into heat energy, then the medium is heated into vapor, the vapor runs fast to the condensation end with very high speed and is condensed into liquid, thus heat is released and transferred to water in the tank. Eventually, heat medium is driven back to the bottom.
    1. Tubes for Solar Kitchen This tube is exclusively used on Himin’s patented portable solar oven, also known as a solar carriable. After 2 years of research, Himin developed this brand new solar products that integrates solar powered baking.

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