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Parabolic Trough Receiver

1. Brief Introduction
Parabolic trough receiver is also known as Heat Collecting Element (HCE). As a key component of a parabolic trough solar collector, its thermal and optical performance as well as performance reliability determines the efficiency and economy of a parabolic trough power generation system.

Himin has developed two generations of parabolic trough receiver, Himin-PTR2010 and Himin-PTR2012. Compared to previous products, Himin-PTR2012 is designed to promote the development of more productive and cost-competitive solar fields possible with its features of higher efficiency, more stability and longer service time.

2. Technical Specifications
Himin PTR2012 Technical Datasheet
Steel Tube Total Length 4060±2mm (at 20oC)
Outer Diameter 70±0.3 mm
Wall Thickness 3mm
Coating Selective absorbing coating on external surface
Reserved Length for Welding 10mm
Glass Tube Material Borosilicate Glass
Total Length 3935±5mm (at 20oC)
Outer Diameter 120±0.3 mm
Wall Thickness 3mm
Coating Anti-reflective coating on both-side surfaces
Functional Specifications Average Solar Transmittance ≥96.0% (AM 1.5)
Average Solar Absorptance ≥95.0% (AM 1.5)
Average Thermal Emittance ≤11% (400℃)
Max. Operating Temperature 400oC (oil)
Max. Operating Pressure 80 bar
Annulus Vacuum Degree <1.0×10-3Pa
Total Weight 32kg
Service Life >20 years

3. Project References

A 124m long test loop in Yanqing, Beijing A pilot project for study in Changshu, Jiangsu

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